A "Fire Watch" is an individual or group responsible for keeping a lookout for fire dangers at a job site.

Under Florida County Ordinance a 24-hour fire watch may be required for a building for as long as a system failure or malfunction exists.

fire watch services

Florida State Security offers fire watch services to businesses that are in the process of installing a fire protection system or are having problems with their current fire alarm system. We are able to respond immediately to a request for a fire watch and can deploy our security team with minimal notice. Our fire watch guards remain on site until your fire detection systems and sprinklers are fully operational, and have been inspected and approved by the Fire Marshall.

Our clients typically include condominiums, industrial warehouses, residential properties and any commercial facility that has their fire detection system taken offline for various reasons. The continued use and occupancy of any structure or business is dependent upon all installed fire protection systems being maintained in an operational mode.